About Us

The BatchaBai© story started in 2011 with the single aim of providing the freshest and tastiest meat to your doorstep, all the while handling it in the most hygienic manner.

When we started there was no place in Chennai where we could purchase meat that was truly 'hygienic'. Several compromises were done in the existing meat stores affecting the quality and hygiene of the meat. We studied this entire science and put everything we learnt into practice at our store and started up.

We have gone through pains (nope... absolutely no pain... we love having done all this out of our own love for meat... and well.. yes, our love for you), learning from experts in this industry and academia. Our initial plan was to have only an online only store. And today you would actually find many online-only stores sprouting up. And this being food, we wanted our customers to be able to 'see' the difference. Customers will want to come and see the place for themselves and once they trust us, they follow up with online and phone orders. Earlier, it was always the watchman or driver who went and bought meat, today we have entire families and a lot of women coming to the store with their children and each of them choose the meat that they like. Many foodies actually love to come and select the meat and cut of their choice as well. As the pioneers in setting up such a store and following meat science to the t, we have been recognized by the national meat board and have been set as an example by the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and any prospective meat store owners are advised to visit our store first. We are happy to have paved the way for this segment in Chennai. 

We have tried to perfect the system by regular audits, by qualified persons, for quality and safety of the meat, packing and sealing with state of the art food grade materials and untouched by hand. It is transported and stored as per scientific standards preventing germs or contamination of any kind. It is protected from the sweltering Chennai heat (heat causes germs to multiply exponentially.. something stores here seem to conveniently forget) by means of special temperature controlled vehicles and delivered to your hands! 

Now all you have to do it put on your apron and cook away!!!