1. Are there any hidden charges on BatchaBai.com?

No, there are no extra charges. In fact, meat is exempted from VAT and so, we do not charge an additional percentage on your order


2. How do I make a payment on BatchaBai.com?

Currently you can pay by cash on delivery. Very soon, you will be able to pay by credit card on BatchaBai.com


3. How do I know if my order has gone through?

You will receive an order confirmation email and number confirming your order. In case you have not received the email and would like to confirm if your order was placed or not, please call 044 2644 1111 


4. What is the difference between BatchaBai and other meat stores?

In order to maximize profits, the meat is dunked in water in most local stores, so that there is an increase in weight. We do not add a drop of water to our meat. The minute you add water and leave it, contamination begins. 

Most of our meat is lean and we remove all visible fat. Most stores do not do this due to loss of weight. 

We are also the only store that maintains freshness, quality and hygiene throughout the supply chain. We have been recognized by the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board and they had come all the way to Chennai to see our store. Similarly, we see people come to our store from different parts of the country to see the setup and today, we are finding a few people try to emulate the model. 

The response from customers has been phenomenal. Many people who have been abroad and come back are disappointed to not find meat stores similar to the ones they had seen in other countries. Very frequently we get emails from customers in different parts of the city asking us to start a store in their area as well.  We would like to see more and more people embrace this concept and we want people to demand hygienic meat and not settle for meat of a lesser quality or level of hygiene. 


5. Where do you deliver?

We delivery in Anna Nagar, Kilpauk, Chetpet, Aynavaram, Shenoy Nagar and Nungambakkam. If you do not stay in any of these areas, please give us a call and we will see if we can make an exception for you.